Average Temperatures in Malta & Gozo.

Finding a destination with the right weather conditions always makes choosing easier. Malta has a very comfortable climate, the perfect reason to pack your bags and look forward to soaking up the warm inviting Mediterranean sun.

June is an excellent time of year to visit Malta, as the summer season is just getting into full swing and it is not too hot. July through to September are the peak summer months, the temperature on average is about 30C/86F. August is the hottest of these months, the temperature soars to above 40C/104F and this is the busiest time of the year, the island is bursting at the seams with tourists, students and a hectic nightlife scene.

On the other hand, October is great for those who love a milder temperature which is bearable. The glorious sun still shines and the warmth is welcoming as the island settles back to a normal pace again. The coldest months start from Mid November to February, with a temperature of about 15C/59F. It can be quite wet and damp during these months, but the beauty of being in Malta is that you will often find that there are gloriously sunny days in between the rainy ones. There is an average of about 5-6 hours of sunshine everyday at this time of year.

Spring is a season full of surprises, with the April showers and crisp mornings, the sun manages to warm up the air and the brave can start having their first swims in the clear blue sea or simply start working on a tan in May. Easter time with its good Friday processions are usually cold with grey skies, makes you want to wrap up and stay warm. Remember that like most countries the weather is unpredictable and variable, so be prepared.

Average Weather in Malta

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